Life Groups

A place where everyone is welcome, no one is perfect and anything is possible through Jesus Christ!
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Terry and Mary Thigpen 
This is an adult group for people looking to connect with others, fellowship and get to know each other better.
Place: In Willis
Day and Time: The 2nd Saturday of each month at 4:00 pm
Phone Number: 713-444-8213
Email: [email protected] & [email protected] 
Next Life Group: Saturday, December 13th at 4:00pm


Sing to the Lord 
This group is hosted by Sid and Kay Kellam and is for anyone who likes Chirstian karaoke. Bring your family and have fun with us!
Place: CCC Chilren's Church
Day and Time: The 3rd Sunday of each month after 10:45am service
Phone Number:  Kay 281-381-6661
Email: [email protected]
Next Life Group: Sunday, December 17th 10:45am service


Horse Club
This group is hosted by Brian and Angie Butzke and is for connecting families and children with the shared love of horses.
Place: varies
Day and Time: The 3rd Saturday of each at 9:00am.
Phone Number:  Angie 281-204-3422  or Brian 713-444-8213
Email: [email protected]
Next Life Group: Bandera, Texas Thanksgiving Trip


Fay McGill
This is a group for adults with no children who are looking to build stronger relationships with their church family.
Place: Varies
Day and time: The 3rd Sunday each month right after 2nd Service
Phone Number: 832-455-6871
Next Life Group: Sunday, December 13th after the 10:45 service.


Family Life Group
This group is for families with children who enjoy connecting with their church family.
Place: Varies
Day and time: To be announced
Phone Number: 832-250-7482
Email: [email protected]
Next Life Group: TBA


Empty Nesters
This group is hosted by Johnnie and Sherry Whiteley and is for couples with no children.
Place: In Hockley
Day and Time: The 3rd Sunday of each month after 2nd service.
Phone Number: 28-924-0041
Email: [email protected]
Next Life Group: Sunday, November 19th after 2nd service